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Texas Broadband can deliver up to 1.5Mbps, or more, right to your home with our wireless residential service. This service is perfect for users who want an "always on" connection. No more dialing up for a connection or frustrating disconnects because of old phone lines (you don't even have to have a phone line). Downloads take moments instead of hours. This technology has the ability to provide pure high speed Internet access where it otherwise would not be available.
up to 256 kbps $49.95/Month
up to 768 kbps $69.95/Month
up to 1.5 mbps $129.95/Month
Staying connected is key in today's business world. With new and exciting developments emerging every day streaming audio and video, Web sites, downloads, attachments -- knowledge is definitely power!

Texas Broadband is a full-service Internet Access Provider dedicated, affordable, high-bandwidth solutions to your business.  If you already have a dedicated connection such as a T1 line, Texas Broadband Broadband wireless services offers an excellent level of redundancy, should your Internet connection require 100% uptime.

up to 128 kbps $99.95/Month
up to 256 kbps $119.95/Month
up to 384 kbps $139.95/Month
up to 512 kbps $159.95/Month
up to 768 kbps $179.95/Month
up to 1.1 mbps $249.95/Month
up to 1.5 mbps $300.95/Month


Texas Broadband is one the largest wireless internet service providers in central Texas. To insure availability in your area, Texas Broadband offers a free site survey. Click here to schedule your free site survey
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